How Upgrading to a Glass Storefront Can Improve Curb Appeal

If your business is no longer pulling in customers, it may be time to upgrade your store front. Upgrading to a glass storefront is beneficial because customers will be able to see inside meaning they can see everything on display and, get a taste for the atmosphere of your store. Using glass will also let in a lot of natural light making your store appear much more appealing. There are many customizable features to choose from to add more personality to your storefront and make it stand out from others.

When picking out framing there are many different options to go through. Aluminum framing is the most popular because it comes in a variety of colors, which if matched to your business’ color palette can have a very professional look that will stand out. You can also choose a frameless glass storefront to provide sleeker look. Some other less popular options include metal and wood. Framing can give your storefront a completely different look so its important to have a clear vision in mind when designing.

Another thing to keep note of is the different types of glass. If you know you want customers to be able to see inside your store, or you want to display products in the window you will want to go with a transparent glass. Spandrel glass is an option for those who want to stand out from others a little extra because it comes in many colors. Matching this glass to your color palette will catch the eye of possible customers and draw them in. Frosted or tinted glass is an option if you’re looking for more privacy inside your store, nobody will be able to see in from the outside, but you will still get all the natural light as you would with transparent glass.

Glass storefronts are more appealing to possible customers because they can get a feel for your store from the outside and see what you have to offer. Its important to take your time when designing your storefront and try out all different options.

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