Commercial & Industrial

We believe in treating each project as a unique opportunity to showcase our expertise and deliver exceptional results.

Elevate the curb appeal and functionality of your property with our wide range of garage door options. From traditional to contemporary styles, we offer expert installation services tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking enhanced security, energy efficiency, or simply a stylish upgrade, our team will guide you through the selection process and ensure seamless installation.We provide:


  • Sectional Overhead Doors
  • Rolling Steel Doors
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Operators
  • Security Grilles and Shutters
  • Mini Storage Doors
  • High Speed Roll Up Doors
  • Multi-blade Doors
  • Loading Dock Systems
  • Storefront Entrances
  • Man doors and Architecural Hardware
  • Glass

Sectional Overhead Doors

Atlantic Windoor Ltd is proud to specialize in sales and service of a wide variety of commercial and industrial, sectional steel and aluminum overhead doors. Each installation and repair is done with top quality workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction.

For more information on sectional overhead doors and operators or to request a free quote do not hesitate to contact us, by phone, email, or by coming to see our showroom at 290 Industrial Drive in Saint John or 559 Wilsey Avenue in Fredericton and talk to one of our sales associates who will be glad to speak with you!

Garaga pre-painted steel doors for industrial and commercial use offer all the advantages of a standard garage doors, PLUS a higher insulation factor than products in the same category.


Rolling Steel Service and Fire Doors

 Atlantic Windoor Ltd. provides all needs for rolling steel service doors and fire doors. All door applications are site specific, to find out what door is right for you please feel free to contact us and we will help you with any inquiries concerning your new door.

Garage Door Operators

Atlantic Windoor Ltd. prides itself in supplying top quality products with top quality installation and worksmanship. There is no Job too small. Each and every job is treated as a custom design no matter how standard it may seem.

For more information on commercial door operators or to request a free quote do not hesitate to contact us, by phone, email, or by coming to see our showroom at 290 Industrial Drive in Saint John or 559 Wilsey Avenue in Fredericton and talk to one of our sales associates who will be glad to speak with you!

Opera-SH (OSH)

Opera-SH (OSH), fills the gap between regular jackshafts and gearheads. This is an ultra high-end heavy duty V-belt drive operator for industrial standard, high & vertical lift sectional doors. It can be wall, hood, or shelf mounted on either side of the door. It incorporates a chain hoist for manual operation with floor level disconnect.

Opera-TBH (OTBH)

The OTBH is a heavy-duty low headroom trolley operator designed for use on industrial standard lift sectional doors. it incorporates a drum-band type solenoid brake.

Security Grilles and Shutters

Security grilles are used to prevent unauthorized access into exterior openings, storefronts, or to section off areas of a building. These grilles come in folding or rolling designs to fit the needs of the customer as each and every application is different from another.

Counter shutters and fire shutters secure openings above counters and other similar finished openings on interior and exterior walls. Atlantic Windoor Ltd. provides quality service and repair for most products.

High Speed Rubber Roll-Up Doors

Your fast paced and rugged workplace demands tough doors that give you peace of mind. In the most severe applications the TNR Series rubber roll-up doors deliver unmatched durability and reliability. Year after year, receive trusted performance with maximum up-time and minimal maintenance.

Atlantic Windoor Ltd. is proud to supply, install, and service TNR Series rubber roll-up doors. Our top sellers are the HD and HDE models although if they are not the type of door you are looking for we can provide other options. To figure out what model is right for you, feel free to contact us and we will help you choose your door as well as provide a free quote. Each high speed roll-up door is specific to the job site along with the operator.


Model HDE – Economy

  • Suitable for applications up to 20 feet in width or height.
  • Self-supporting steel mounting angle.
  • Heavy duty gear operator with push button controls open, close, stop.
  • Door speed of up to 18 inches per second.
  • Counterbalance spring assembly cycle rating of 100,000.

Multi-Blade Doors

At Atlantic Windoor Ltd. we provide sales and service of Accent Door Manufacturing Ltd. multi-blade doors. These types of doors are fabricated with multiple blades, each sliding vertically into rail guides on each side of the opening. The top blades are attached individually to the counterweight with two cables while the inferior blade is attached to the counterweight with two roller chains passing over sprockets through the counterbalancing mechanism. The drive mechanism can either be manual or an electric operator.

Dock Seals, Bumpers and Levelers

Dock seals and bumpers are available for purchase and install in all standard sizes along with custom sizes.

R. D. Enterprise R-100, R-600 & R-700 Available

Available Options

  • Tapered seals (for incline / decline approach)
  • Wedge seals (for wider openings)
  • Extra vertical pad height
  • Higher head pad
  • Protective wear flaps
  • Double layer on impact area
  • Velcro drop flap
  • Extra projection
  • Full height yellow guide stripe

Man Doors and Architectural Hardware


At Atlantic Windoor Ltd. we can provide installation and service for every product that we sell. Even if the product is being supplied only, we know what you’re up against and our technical team is able to answer your questions and provide real world advice on product selection.


Door & Frames

Atlantic Windoor can provide a wide range of commercial doors and frames ranging from standard, fire rated, to custom hollow metal to specialized doors and frames including acoustic, blast resistant, fiberglass and marine.


Architectural Hardware

Atlantic Windoor can provide virtually any type of architectural hardware from a host of manufacturers ranging from budget minded medium commercial product to highly specialized industrial hardware.


Electrified Hardware

 Atlantic Windoor offers many types of electrified hardware including basic electric strikes, mag locks and electric latch retraction for both new installation and retrofit.


Automatic Doors/Operators

Atlantic Windoor offers a variety of automatic doors from high energy sliding systems to low energy swing units. We have both AAADM certified installers and inspectors on staff.